November 4, 2022

Over thirty years ago, a number of general counsel felt the need to gather in person on a regular basis, for fellowship and to discuss legal issues facing their technology sector companies. Their group grew with Silicon Valley, eventually becoming the SVAGC.

As lockdowns began in the San Francisco Bay Area, the SVAGC was one of the first professional organizations in America forced to cancel in-person meetings. Despite efforts last spring to reboot its luncheon series, and perhaps reflecting now more widespread and remote locations of its membership, participation has not rebounded as hoped. Sadly, it is no longer practical to continue SVAGC events and the organization will be dissolved.

Ivy Associates has provided administrative support and MCLE certification for SVAGC activities. Ivy Associates will maintain the MCLE log of past luncheon presentations and the library of supplementary materials on this website for the benefit of former SVAGC members, and will maintain MCLE records to verify attendance as needed.

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